the cut was good, but the glue didn’t stick…


well good morning sunshine! last night was really fucking awesome, got to meet some wonderful people. Cut&Paste was the shit! Thanks to the whole Cut&Paste Staff for this great opportunity; especially Kelly Nichols, Philip Levie, Jake Maymudes, & the lovely Heather Thompson. Congrats to JANEE MEADOWS for winning the city finals, she had some pretty amazing stuff. Also congrats to all of the other competitors BJORKY (my new drinking buddy), VINCENT AKUIN (battery camera), CHRIS HEMINGWAY, OLEK ZEMPLINSKI (we still need a drink!), TAURICE COUSER (slow dimming lights) & BIJAN BERAHIMI (damn low ipod earbuds & loud speakers).

As for me, 3rd place’s isn’t that bad, especially for a rookie. Shit happens and there’s nothing more that you can do, except numb your embarrassment down w/ some good old Jack! =) mmm alcohol! hahaha


I’m going to win it next year pho sho. Thank you to who ever came & supported, I truly appreciated the loud random cheers of the night. Next time I’m going to practice more on those fucking touch sensitive tablets! Damn technology always fucking up everything! ROAR!!!

Just for the sake of saving my neck, decided to do (2) 15 min rounds (@ home) & this is what I was trying to go for…


but instead I came up w/ this…


well that’s it… I’m going to go & continue crying in my used diaper bag that I found in a dumpster; only because I like to get high off the chemical reaction of baby shit & the tears of a ugly drunk ass failure (now that’s just ridiculously stupid & unnecessary).

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tick tock, i’m stuck…

AAAAHHHH!!! one more day!!! fuck….


Current Musica: Iwrestledabearonce – Tastes Like Kevin Bacon
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& now the waiting game…

so, it looks like I made the top 8 to compete in Cut&Paste 2009 (Los Angeles). I’m pretty nervous & super excited for the competition. The event is on February 21, 2009 @ the Avalon in Hollywood. Doors open @ 5pm. Supposedly, every living organism on planet earth are raving about it. It’s quite an orgasmic raging hoot!

I’m going against some talented & worthy foes. It’s going to be a great sight for hazy eyes. Hopefully, either rain or shine, we all have a great time (haha I rhymed that line); especially having fun @ the fucking long ass after party!

man I need to get a real website. blogs are cool, but it seems too personal… i don’t know maybe I’m just weird like that. I should be exercising my perfectly sculpted body structure right now, but I’m too lazy. damn apples, books & roses. blah blah blah.



Current MusicaThe Cure – Let’s Go 2 Bed
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